Welcome to the PHO Research Lab Ghent


Our mission

The mission of the PHO Research Lab Ghent is to improve outcomes and long-term quality-of-life of children diagnosed with cancer, through clinical-translational laboratory research, participating in clinical studies and collecting relevant biomaterials (biobanking).  

Latest publication

Ren Z, Vanhooren J, Derpoorter C, De Moerloose B and Lammens T. (2024). A 69 Long Non-Coding RNA Signature Predicts Relapse and Acts as Independent Prognostic Factor in Pediatric AML. Blood Advances. in press. DOI: 10.1182/bloodadvances.2024012667. PMID: 38640434.

In this paper, we (A) generated a comprehensive prognostic model of 69 lncRNAs  to predict RFS in pedAML and further refining the current risk stratification  and (B) developed a nomogram incorporating the 69 lncRNAs signature, NPM mutation and WBC to stratify patients into relapse-risk groups.