Dr. Liselot Mus presented the PDXGhent core on the symposium “DRUG development from bench to bedside @UZGent”

2024 Liselot DRUG congres


Dr. Liselot Mus presented the PDXGhent core on the ONCOPOINT symposium in Ghent. 


Prof. Tim Lammens was present on the official presentation of the scholarships and grants of “Kom op tegen Kanker” ( Ancienne Belgique, Brussels). With these research grants, “Kom op tegen Kanker” and grants, “Kom op tegen Kanker” enables better cancer treatment, cancer care and cancer prevention.


Our colleague Zhinyao Ren presented his latest work at American Society of Hematology (ASH), one of the largest hematology conferences in the world.

He established a lncRNA signature able to better predict relapse in pediatric AML patients.


On October 19th 2023, Charlotte Derpoorter successfully defended her PhD dissertation “Childhood cancer predisposition: exploring missing heritability using DNA sequencing approaches”.


We are very proud that the foundation stichting metoyou granted in 2023 Jolien Vanhooren the trust and support in her research towards novel treatment strategies in childhood leukemia!



We introduced a test that improves the treatment of children with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL), the most common childhood cancer.

The test tells us very quickly whether or not a treatment is working. We now apply it to all children with ALL in Belgium. Since January 2023, he has also been reimbursed by the Riziv.

The test was made possible thanks to the support of Kom op tegen Kanker (non-profit organization) and the Children’s Cancer Fund.